Monday, 18 December 2017

Show tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Our winter show starts tomorrow at 9.30am in Colum's prefab. Could I ask that all children be in the line as normal at 8.30 tomorrow morning. Could all the children come into school WEARING their costume, as we will not have time to help each of them get changed. We will paint faces in school, as well as provide the snowmen and sun with some extra props and costumes. Just a reminder of what the children need to wear: 

Snowmen: We have a snowman costume, however please ensure they are wearing black or white trousers and a black or white long-sleeved top or tshirt into school. Please wear in a hat and scarf too.

Child: Please ensure they are wearing a winter jumper and boots/ wellies into school. Please wear in a hat, scarf and gloves too.

Sun: We have a sun costume and hat, however please ensure she is wearing yellow, orange or gold trousers/ skirt and a yellow, orange or gold long-sleeved top or t-shirt into school.

Thanks a million, and hope to see you all tomorrow!

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