Monday, 22 January 2018

International Week

This week is International week! We had an exciting start to the week this morning. All the boys and girls participated in an African drums workshop. It was great fun! Check out the video below.

As part of international week, each class has to pick a country to do a project on. Our class will be learning all about Italy this week, as Sebastian and Rory both have Italian parents. Loredana and GrĂ¡inne will be coming in on Friday to do some Italian food tasting with the children, and maybe teaching them a word or two of Italian! If possible, on Wednesday, could the children dress up in Italian colours/ Italian themed clothing? Viv will be giving a prize for best dressed!

Agata's dad Zbigniew will also be doing a Polish workshop with the children on Friday, and on Thursday Erika, Aislinn's mum will be teaching the boys and girls a Polka dance from the Czech republic. 

During yard time on Thursday and Friday there will be a World Music Disco!!! :-)

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