Monday, 21 May 2018

Homework 21st - 25th May

-Handwriting Book x and z (If the handwriting is taking ages, do 2 or 3 lines well out of the 4) 
-Reading - 'What will I do?' booklet
-Tricky word: no

Biodiversity Week
This week is an exciting week in the school! We'll be learning loads about the environment and various ways we can all look after the world around us. Our class will be participating in many workshops - bird watching, trip to a seaside habitat, spring clean of the school grounds as well as a workshop about plastic and the oceans.

If possible, by Friday could everyone collect some colourful plastic wrappers for an art activity - sweet wrappers, colourful straws and other plastic packaging etc. Thank you!

Also, this is completely optional, but there is a whole-school competition for bio-diversity week. A child from the school will have the chance to get their own poem read by Marty Whelan live on air on Lyric FM.The title of the poem is "Our World". If you and your child wish to make up a poem about our world, send it on to me over the next few days.

Thanks a million,

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