Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A little update...

Can you believe, this is our second month in school?? Time really is flying by!

For your information, our P.E. days will be Monday and Thursday. Also, the class rep this year is Aislinn’s mom Erika. I will link in with Erika if I have a request/ want to send out information to the whole class. If you want someone’s contact details for a birthday party invitation/ playdate etc. you can contact Erika as she has a class list. Her email address is

On Monday, we started a new theme for this fortnight - My School. We will be learning all about school life here in Belmayne ETNS and who the other teachers and staff are. We will also be taking a closer look at the school building and the materials it is made from. As we have lots of friends in school we will also be starting our SPHE programme called 'You Can Do It'. We are starting with the lessons about 'Getting Along'.

In September, our theme was ‘Myself and My Family’. The children were learning all about the 'Home' in Aistear and they talked lots about themselves, their families, their homes. Here are some pictures from Aistear. The role-play area was a home; For construction they built houses from Lego; In Small World they played ‘families’ with a doll’s house, community map, little people and cars; For playdough and sand they made ‘meals’ for families. Aistear is great for developing their social, emotional, communication and language skills. The love it and look forward to it every day :-)

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